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An Inch at a Time

You don’t often hear the statement “our lake is in great shape, the fishery is better than ever, our shoreline is cleaner, and the overall water quality is better”. The truth of the matter is that it is unfair to compare our lakes today vs 50 years ago simply because lakes change, populations increase and more human activity is evident everywhere. But if you compared your lake to 20 years ago there is little doubt many of them are actually in better shape. There are fewer chemicals, less raw sewage, and in many situations the fish populations are more understood and actually higher than in the ‘good old days’.

In no small part fishing clubs and organizations are partially responsible. Not only do we strongly advocate sound conservation principles but every year club members across the province roll up their sleeves and help improve our lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands. Projects range from picking up garbage, naturalizing shorelines, constructing fish habitats and participate in research programs in cooperation with staff from our local Ministry of Natural Resources offices.

Our clubs and organizations have become the backbone of the provinces stocking programs rearing and releasing millions of fish each year.
The process of changing improving even a handful of Ontario’s 250,000+ lakes is slow. Sometimes it takes years to make small changes that might set the foundation for something bigger and better for future generations. Please help us to ensure the momentum of change continues.

Metro East Anglers

The Metro East Anglers have been instrumental in the operation of the Ringwood Fish Culture Station  since 2005. This partnership program has been one of the most successful rearing and stocking programs on Lake Ontario. Our club is involved in numerous projects on an annual basis. To find out more information or how you can get involved contact;

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Strengthening Salmon and Trout Populations in Port Credit
The Port Credit Salmon and Trout Association (PCSTA) was formed in early 2010 to organize local interest in helping to rebuild Lake Ontario’s historic salmon and trout populations after a decade of noticeable decline. Lake Ontario has always been home to varieties of these treasured fish and Port Credit was once home to a lively commercial fishing industry. Today, the fishery is recreational, with pacific salmon and rainbow trout being the most sought after fish, followed by brown trout, another introduced species. An effort to reintroduce native Atlantic salmon to Lake Ontario has been underway for many years. Lake Ontario’s $180 million Chinook Salmon industry is particularly important to the village, which prides itself as the Salmon Capital of Ontario. Port Credit is home-base for the province’s largest salmon derby and a sizable fleet of salmon fishing boats and charter operations.

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St. Catherines Game and Fish is and active club of members dedicated to the maintenance and vitality of our fishery on Lake Ontario and the Niagara region. They operate and maintain the boat ramp and facilities at Port Dalhousie. They are involved in Pen Projects, kids events, and the general well being of the hunting and fishing community in the region.

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CRAA is a group of concerned anglers and conservationists that are dedicated to improving the fishery that exists in the Credit River Basin. The Credit River boasts huge runs of Chinook Salmon & Steelhead as well as some Coho, Pink, and Atlantic Salmon.

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