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Newbie question
« on: June 17, 2010, 01:54:00 pm »
Just mounted a new to me mast and board set up on my boat.  I've only ever used inlines before and having some issues.

My mast is as far forward as possible and the rodholders are amidship.  Which position should the rods be pointed?  Up, down, back?  I know with dipseys keeping the rod horizontal out the side is best but unsure about with boards.

does the direction of travel in relation to the wind always play a big factor in how well the board pulls?  I find my boards lagging behind and my towline gets tangled on my rods on occaision.  

Also what is a reasonable distance I can expect to get them out away from the boat?  The top of my mast is about 7' above the waterline and I have a pretty good set of redwood double boards.  I'm unsure if I expect too much from this set up or if I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks for your input.


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