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Planer Board Setup
« on: March 01, 2012, 06:11:00 pm »
Planning to set up planer boards this season....any feedback on my proposed setup would be greatly appreciated.
I got these walker boards for 20$ for the pair. Anyone used these? Pros/cons special setup for these? Is a snubber/shock cord needed for these? I really want to use these because they fold up so are easily stored. I have a bigger set, very similar to the Amish Outfitters redwood board, but they are a pain to store, and so really want to use the walkers unless they are junk. How does the parallel ski design work? Most boards I have seen all have offset skis...

I have a flybridge on the boat and plan to use a rail mount on the bridge to mount the reels. I can mount on a handrail on the side of the flybridge, about 7 to 8 feet above the waterline, or I can mount on the protection rails around the flybridge itself, which could be from 9' to 11' above the waterline. Is there a preferred height to mount the reels?
The mounting location on the flybridge will be about midship, so about 16 feet from the transom. This should provide lots of clearance for the planer line, so it does not interfere with the dipsey rods I will have set to port and starboard in the cockpit, (2 or 3 feet back from the transom).
I have looked at Big jon reels, Berts, Cannons...all seem to be the same, 200 feet of 200Lb test line. Is one manufactuer better than another? Is the stock line that comes on these ok or is there a better upgrade? I would also think it might be good to have more than 200 feet just in case?
I have heard that these walker boards run better with at least 100 feet out and work better even further....
Thanks for looking....


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