Author Topic: Port Whitby Sports fishing Associations, Day #3 of 3, 2012....  (Read 1258 times)

Jeremy Green

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  Hey everyone.

 The last day of the PWSFA's is less than 4 days away.

   Saturday July 28th.

  If any of you are interested in helping the Feed program at the Ringwood Fish Hatchery,  And Participating in a Friendly Event.

    Here is the opportunity.

   There are 4 Cash prizes for the Day.
  one team could potentially take all 4 prizes.

  Winners are based on weights.

  1st place Cash prize for , 1- heaviest Salmon (with 30 boats could take $1500 +)
  2nd place Cash prize for, 1 - 2nd heaviest Salmon
  3rd place cash prize for, 1 - 3rd heaviest Salmon

  4th place cash prize for,
 Calcutta- Heaviest of a 3 Salmon Box.

   Good luck to all that join,
 I hope that at least one person that  enters the PWSFA also has a Gosd  entry for the week....


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