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lake view web cams


There used to be a few web cams that pointed out to the water from a some piers. Are there anymore around and if so does anyone have a website?
thanks  Dogguy.


  The Canadian side Lakevision cams are either not up, pointing at trees, or pointed at Cormorant rookeries on the opposite from the lake!

  The TOWARF cam at 16 Mile is the only one I've found that gives a decent view of the West End.

Just curious.  What do you think people would pay to have a webcam on a few bouys out on Lake Ontario?  Wondering if it's worth putting the money up to do it.  Not for profit.  It would be a monthly fee.

Here s one in Scarborough

Downtown Toronto,-Toronto-Toronto

Silver Tracker:
The Weather Network has live webcams- Lake Promenade Boat Launch- facing west- from Mississauga Sailing club


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