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Well its already that time of year where we start planning for the upcoming yr.

We have had some great discussions with many of you in past on where and how the tournament scene is going.  One conscensus is that they are getting too expensive for the average guy and most are only catering to the big boats and "pros".    Entry fees for all tournaments have gone to a min of $650 to $1500.  This has eliminated many teams.  In the past 14 yrs I have seen our tournaments go from 200 to 650 and the average boat size from 20 to 30ft.  We have seen prize money go from 4000 to 20000 for first, things have chaged a lot but the one thing that has not is WE STILL LOVE TO COMPETE!!. 

I cant remember doing something like this in the past in a public forum.  The ideas that are be proposed are ideas and not implemented and are proposed in order to include more people and encourage more participation.  We would love to have more boats as our sponsors would get more exposure and thats the only way we can leverage them into more donations. 

There are a lot of you that find excuses not to fish and really that is your personal decision as nobody is forcing anyone to do what they dont want to do.  The excuses i here all the time is "we cant compete against the big players"  I think in a 5 fish one day tournament or a 2 day 10 fish tournament we have seen many teams come for a weekend and do real well.  in fact we have had them win.  "too expensive for my blood" This I understand as it cost me and my team over $2500 in any tournament except for my home ports events.  "I like a one day vs 2 day tournament"  Again I see the trend as it evolved in the 1 day events and most would think it is easier to win because it is only one day but in fact I believe you have to have your ducks in order to compete against the big players there because you have to catch 6 fish instead of five per day.  Please don't take this as a knock to the 1 day events as they are great and we need different types of competition on the lake or it would get boring.

I have some ideas I would like to propose.

300 or 400 entry fee for the weekend, based on 50 teams payout would be

300 - 1- 7500 - 2- 3000 - 3- 1500 - 4- 1000 - 5- 1000 - 6- 500 - 7- 500

400 - 1- 10000 - 2- 4000 - 3- 2500 - 4- 1500 - 5- 1000 - 6- 500 - 7- 500

For $100 or less per teamate you could participate for these kind of dollars.

2.  $200 for Sat and $200 for Sun

These would be 2 stand alone tournaments on each their resppective days.  You could fish 1 or 2 or all combined if you want to fish for bigger money.

Based on 30 teams 

1- $3000 - 2- 1500 - 3- 750 - 4- 500 - 5- 250

Based on 50 teams

1- $5000 - 2-2500 - 3- 1500 - 4- 500 - 5- 500

You can see that these one day tournaments can provide some good returns.

If you get lucky you can take home some serious money. 

Big Fish Friday is another option that we will be keeping as it has been a good event and proven that people like it.  Most tournaments have duplicated the event because of its popularity and I think it gives us a reason to get out on fridays. 

$50 on Friday will stand

In conclusion, these ideas are just that right now.  By doing something along these lines we eliminate all excuses pretty much of why someone would not compete.  For as low as $200 you can fish in the King Of The Lake!  Thats awesome.  It has not been as low as this since 1999.  Talk about rollback!! 

If you have ideas you want to share or if you have not fished it and because of this you will please let us know.  I would like to keep this thread  as positive as posible and not turn this into a pissing contest as i have only done this because I see many of you on the sidelines looking in and think why arent you here fishing,  you guys are good fisherman, why not compete.  Have some fun with it, meet new freinds and learn amongst eachother.

Have a good read a looking forward to hearing from you

some great thoughts costs alot to compete and i think thats why the number of competers are less than ever.lower entrance fees would (i think) increase the number of boats thus increasing payouts.400 for the weekend would be great.

Yankee Troller:
Yvan - You saw what a Sat/Sun split did for the Pro Ams with no real weekend winner. I would stay clear of that.

Im glad you brought that up.

There is a clear winner unlike the proam.

Think of the one day sat or sun as a glorified calcutta.  The defined winner is definetly the 2 day winner.

Nothing would really change in the format exept dollars and allowing people to fish a single day if they cant make a commitment for 2 and or if they dont want to compete for too much entry money.

Witching Hour:
Well written Ivan.
I'm sure these new preposals will reep benefits for the KOTL.
Thumbs up from me on the entry fee.
Looking forward to next yr!

A couple suggestions:
- There seems to be a strong interest (amongst the fishing community at large) for immediate results and or a live web internet stream. This could increase KOTL awareness / increased sponsorship 'plugs', etc.
- Also, I love the newsletter the 333 publishes throughout the yr. More sponsorship 'plugs' / team stats & finishes, tourney info / stories, upcoming rule changes, things to remember, etc, etc.

If you need a volunteer for whatever just say the word.



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