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38th annual St Catharines Spring Salmon Derby 2013

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Ditto on that mcsteve !

Best Spring Derby on the lake I wait all winter for this one thanks for putting together another great prize package :clap:.

These guys do tons for the fishery down at the south shore and many weekend anglers and tourney fishermen get to reep the rewards.

for those not near any of our ticket outlets, there is the option of mailing away for your ticket by following this link

If I bought a boat ticket does it cover both the spring and members derby or is it just for the spring derby? And also wouldn't that mean anyone fishing the members derby with me would also have to be a member, or would the boat ticker cover them even as non members if the boat ticker itself is for both??

How do you know what is big enough to bring to the scales?
Is there somewhere online I can see weights per day?
I don't want to kill fish unnecessarily if they're too small?



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