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Electronic Set-up and Installation

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John Whyte:
This section is solely for electronics. Here is a series of videos by Joc from Angling Outfitters, one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

HDS Setup Part 1 Small | Large

HDS Setup Part 2 - Sonar Set-up Small | Large

HDS Setup Part 3 Networking Small | Large

HDS Setup Part 4 Side Scan Small | Large

HDS Setup Part 5 Transducer Installation Small | Large

HDS Setup Part 6 - Sonar Power and detail Small | Large

HDS Set-up Part 7 Bathymetry Data SD Cards Small | Large

Defenitely helpful videos for sure    :clap:

Great videos but where do i find part 8? maping was one of my main concerns.

u tube will take you all the way to 13 when one finishes the next one will be in the group that comes up to choose from

John Whyte:
I'll find the other videos and post them. Hopefully there is some Hummingbird set-up instructions as well although birds are much easier to configure.


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