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Two Depth finder screens with one transducer

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I have a Lowrance x67 ice machine that I would like to install on my new to me 14 aluminum boat. The boat came with a used black and white Eagle and a transducer. My x67 uses the same plug in so I can hook it up without having to change the transducer. I would like to move the Eagle head unit to the front of the boat but just use the same transducer signal. Is there a way to just join the two head units so they show the same things? I got this boat cheap and want to keep it in cheap and ratty condition so I don't feel bad when I bash it around on smaller lakes then the Big O. THanks

Those two units can not be linked. I would use the eagle where it is and use the icemachine off a bow mount tolling motor (if that is what your thinking ) If those two units are run at the same time they will cross talk when the transducers are that close together. Consider mounting one unit on a Ram mount or other sort of swivel so it can be turned and seen from the bow. I have 3 non linked units on my 17.5 foot boat and can only run 1 at a time without crosstalk. On one of my units I can stop the sonar but leave the map (chart ) running full screen. A DSI unit will also run with a 200KH unit and not cross talk

How about if they had different transducer frequencies? Not sure what either of them have but I will look into it. Thanks

you likely wont need to run both at the same time would you?

Assuming you have a trolling motor on the bow, just get the TM transducer kit. I've found it easy to connect to the same little battery as you would for icefishing.

I believe both units are 200KH


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