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lowrance hds or elite 5

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so im looking to get a new unit and was hoping someone could explain the difference between these too units I no you can add structure scan to the hds but I'm not realy interested in that is there any real difference in the actual sonar capabilities fish mostly erie for bows and plan on fishing the bluffs a few times a year.. thanks for the help

John Whyte:
The gap between the two is closing but there is still some advantages to the HDS series. It has a brighter display, networking capabilities, track back on the sonar to review your path, side imaging and down imagining, and a few fine tune adjustments. You can use a full size SD card which is valuable if you have old Navionics charts.

Here is the specs page for the HDS

Here is the specs page for the Elite

You might want to spend the extra money and get the Elite 7 that comes with the Navionics Gold chip for $725.00. It also has networking capabilities.

Here is the Hummingbird HDS 5 equivalent which has all of the options of the HDS with a nice programmable button series and two card slots. It sells for about $750.00 

think im settled on the hds 5 not much price difference for the elite... just need to find a good deal on one local instead of going south of the border thanx for the replie


Duck - I used the elite 5 for 2 years now.

I just traded it in for an HDS 5, and am I glad I did.

I would say the biggest difference is the elite 5 cannot handle a map card bigger than 2 GB.
What that practically means is all the maps you get for it are crap. You will get 30ft contour
lines for the Canadian side of Lake O (I have a gold chip). Not sure about erie.

Anyhow the HDS can handle much bigger files and so now I have maps with 1ft contour detail.
I can see every single hump, ridge, etc. and can target structure. That I can attest to!

Joc from Angling Outfitters in Woodstock is a great guy and can talk to you about all this stuff, he
knows these units inside out.  Joc says the HDS 5 I got will send out a much stronger sonar signal and
I will have much more detail on my screen - I believe him.

I would say get the HDS 5, hands down, and don't look back.


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