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I'm gonna move my two batteries out of the splash well and put the mid ships under the console. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could get a good price on 2 awg wire? I need 80 feet of wire and at Princess Auto it's close to 3.00 a foot!! Thanks

That's about as good as you're going to get it, $2.49+ tax.   Just out of curiosity, why such heavy cable?

Last year while adding another set of batteries, I was lucky enough to buy an open box booster cables  of 25' 2 gauge at about $40 bucks at Princess. Wondering if welding cable will do the same job -
$55 for 25ft of 2 awg.

I'd like to move the two batteries i got in my splash well on my Boston Whaler Regenge to the space under the stairs to get some weight out the back.  The main 200 merc came with 6 feet of 4awg wire that can be lengthed to 12 feet with no issues. Beyond 12 feet there is a voltage drop to the starter due to higher resistance over a longer wire so you go with bigger wire and it's go less resistance. I need to run about 80 feet of wire to get both batteries up there and back to the two motors. Gonna cost a boat load of money for the cables. That welding cable will do nicely. I'll take another look at Princess Auto tomorrow and see what they got. Thanks

I purchased mine from Ebay, you really want to get good quality marine grade wire (the copper stands within the wire are tinned to help prevent corrosion). i picked up about 50' of 2/0 wire to hook up my inverter/charger. West Marine here wanted $17/foot, Ebay was $6/foot. And it was the same wire.


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