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Hello fellow Yakheads. It's that time of year again and there are big salmon cruising along the north shore.
Let's start a report topic and get everyone on the fish.
I'm launching out of Cherry Beach in the morning and heading for the drop off.
The thought of fighting a Tyee is making me gitty.

Fished Saturday off of Ashbridges bay. Launched off of Cherry beach. Take about 40 min  to paddle out to100fow. Drops off quickly from there. Only another few hundred meters to 180fow. Marked some good bait and some good hooks but nothing hit.

Launched out of Port Credit on Sunday. Marked bait and fish in 60fow in early morning.slow morning after that. Out to 150 fow but wasn't getting any hits so headed in early.

Disappointing. This was my first time kayaking for salmon, so wasn't expecting much. But not even a shaker. Oh well, I'll be out there again next chance I get.

how deep were you fishing? What were you using to get to depth?

John Whyte:
How far down are you fishing and how did you get down there? Do you have a Scotty manual rigger?

Ya, I'm thinking I'm not deep enough. I was out off the Spit this morning and no hits. Lots of other boats hooking up. Lots of Bait and fish along the drop off. 100fow, 25-50ft down.

I'm using a Torpedo Dive Shark 4oz on one side. Tried using mini SD today. The company says it's good for 60ft @ 200ft out. I was hoping for 35-40ft with SD.
On the other rod I have 3oz pro weight system. No idea what these go down to but  I was thinking they're good for 25ft. Tried a mini Flasher today but it was to much. Finished with just a spoon.

Thought is would work for kayak but now I'm thinking I'll need at least 8oz.

Everyone I talked to seemed to be having best luck on flies. Unfortunately for me, I lost a box of flies overboard a few weeks ago. It had everything I needed to catch a big boy. One of those kayak lessons I learned the hard way.


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