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New personal best from a kayak

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       So, Iíve been a member of this board for about a year, and really enjoy all the information and tips, but have never posted.  But, since you added the new kayak section, I thought it would be fitting to submit my own experience with fishing for salmon from a kayak.  It was my cousin, who got me hooked into fishing from a kayak, and weíve solely gone for salmon.  Iíve fished everywhere from Bronte, Port Credit and the spit and have had success on numerous outings.  Itís a bit more of a workout, and you must drink LOTS of water, especially during the dog days of summer, but hooking up with a salmon in a kayak is a real thrill.  Although, you do get a lot of weird looks from both those in sailboats and fishing boats alike, and most people just think youíre nuts or admire your effort. 

        Anyway, last Sunday my cousin and I hit the water at about six and shot out to the spit for some morning action.  We set our lines down, and within the first 45mins, my rigger popped.  As a grabbed the rod, the reel started to scream and 200 ft of line shot out in no time, it swung my kayak around and took another 100 ft of line.  As the tug and war ensued, my cousin repositioned his kayak, and helped me net this beastÖ A beautiful 38in King.  Itís a new personal best from a kayak and a battle that I wonít soon forget.  We continued to troll around till 12, picking up a few more shakers, until the heat of the sun forced us to call it a day.  All, in all, a great trip and one I wonít soon forget.

This is awesome!!  Congrats on the nice king...I'm guessing that some of the 'yak folks here on the board would love to see your set up on board.  IE. installation and positioning of the rigger and what not.  I'm sure this might just be the start of a great summer of fishing for your guys.  What a thrill that must've been...

Witching Hour:
Good pic! No outside gill hold ... sweet!
Looks like one hell of a workout! No gym membership required.
Good fishing this summer.


Great catch.  Id love to know more about your setup for sure.  I was out Sunday.  Paddled 14 km and caught nothing!

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Hey rtkman,

I use a Scotty manual downrigger, attached to the "side gunnel" of the kayak.  I reinforced the back of the mount with an old cutting board, cut to the shape of the mount.  I feel this gives me some more support for the downrigger.  I have taken a pic of it and posted it on another thread here, so check it out.

On my other rod, I use the largest torpedo diver, I think it's called the 'Cuba' or sometime.  I use it mostly to pick up rainbows and coho and run it anywhere between 60 to 10 ft.  Hope this helps, and if you have anymore questions about my setup, I'd be glad to answer them.


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