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How old are you? Please take the poll

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John Whyte:
According to the Stats Canada Summary the average age of an angler is increasing. The study is only published every 5 years and there is no regional data, so it would be interesting to see the average age of Lake Ontario angers.

On the www.lakesimcoemessageboa which is busiest in the winter, we run a poll during the winter only. The results after 2 winters is interesting as it shows the average age of an ice angler to be almost 10 years younger than the country open water angler.

Spoonpullers is primarily a salmon and trout trolling and stream side membership. What is the average age? 

Salmonid stalker:
An interesting poll for sure. John, does knowing your users avg age help with getting site sponsors and advertising as well?

Also, if you ran this on your other board during its peak use, wouldn't it make sense to run this poll in the summer?

The biggest barrier to entry in the big water trolling game is cash...most don't have enough free cash until they are a bit older.

John Whyte:
That is true Tony. The peak average earning years are 45 to 55


So what are the results?  I am sure Lake Ontario anglers are the oldest in the poll.   


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