Author Topic: Scotty King of Kings - Summer Event Results - $40,000 1st Place Payout!!!  (Read 3442 times)

King of Kings Tournament

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The Scotty King of Kings Tournaments held its Summer Event on August 2, 2014, marking the 10th Anniversary of the Tournament.  It was a great day and the fishing was tough, much like the entire year, but as expected many boats managed to pull together some great boxes to finish in the top 10.  Congratulations go out to the Summer 2014 Scotty King of Kings Champions - Team Silver Junkies - who took home the $40,000 cash prize!!!!  Rounding out the remaining top three included Team Net Profit and Team Thrillseeker.  Congratulations also go out the teams that also finished in the Top Ten:

Silver Junkies - 182.48 pts - 6 fish
Net Profit - 164.91 pts - 6 fish
Thrillseeker - 162.53 pts - 6 fish
Team Scotty - 153.68 pts - 6 fish
Fish Master - 148.67 - 6 fish
Moby Nick - 133.42 pts - 6 fish
Pandemonium - 131.24 - 6 fish
A-Team - 130.34 - 5 fish
Breakaway - 130.23 - 6 fish
Orange Peel - 122.13pts - 5 fish

We would like to thank all of the teams that participated in this years event and in particular the full list of tournament sponsors who helped make the event a success, and look forward to 2015.

Have a great remainder of the summer,

King of Kings Tournament Committee

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Congratulations to the always dangerous Silver Junkies and the rest of the top 10.
Thanks to Vito and the rest of you for all your work, putting together another well run first class event.
Great job!


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Thank you to all the volunteers for their time and hard work. Congrats on the vision to "raise the bar" yet again with Lake Ontario tournament fishing, while maintaining integrity with your rules format. Thanks to all the players and sponsors who make these events possible.


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Congrats Silver Junkies on the mega win over there !!!  Hope this makes you a bit less hungry for the Fall KOTL  ;D

DDay-you going to run the Calcutta and make an announcement for it?

Capt. Pete


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Thanks Pete! We are just glad you chose to chase wallys on Erie that weekend. Congrats BTW on that win a few weeks back.
Yes I will run the calcutta again...will put a post up here shortly.
Se you in a few weeks,