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Empty Seat? Take someone fishing and share the costs and the day

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John Whyte:
Every day someone is left sitting at home or on the dock and someone else is fishing alone. Use this section and take someone fishing.

Have an open seat or want to get out? Post it hear.

Fish Busters:
Looking to help anyone out to go fishin. Have room for 3 to 4 people. Fully equipped 37' Sea Ray out of Bronte. Just need to share fuel costs. Lost my job due illness. Missed 3 weeks due to being hospitalized. Itching to get out for a good day of fishing!!!


Hey guys, I'm solo this week so if anyone have or need a seat let me know.
I'm out off bronte. I have my derby ticket.

Wow!!! Nobody.

Hi all,
I'm looking for 1 or 2 people that would be interested in fishing out of
Port Credit or Ashbridges Bay this weekend, Sunday, August 31 depends on weather conditions . I have a fully equipped boat. All you need is you lunch & to pitch in for the gas. If you think this is for you send me a PM or email & we can chat.




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