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Malcolm J:
Hi, I am trying to post an add in the Buy & Sell section. After clicking post the ad appears to "GO" but I do not see the ad on the site. I have waited several hours prior to sending this just in case it takes time to post. Thank you for any suggestions.

Seeing  one here,28835.msg169425.html#msg169425

Were you trying to post something else?


Malcolm J:
Hi kevin,

Yes I was trying to post an ad for a boat, motor and trailer I want to sell. I added a photo clicked "post" and all seemed well. There was no indication the post was unsuccessful......... as you note my query for planer boards posted successfully.

Any suggestions?  Try and try again perhaps?

Malcolm J

[email protected]:
Trying to post item? How do you post on this site????

You may actually have to sign up.


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