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Is any one still running a paper graph? I have 60 rolls of paper for x16 or eagle it has been stored in dry place $2.00 a roll. Also have eagle mach 1 paper graph for $100.oo works great

Hey Carl, I keep an old X-16 as back up on "Daybreak". I wouldn't mind pickin up maybe 10 rolls. Talk to me.

No problem just depends what area you are from to make it worth your trip .I am from st catharines Pm me if you are still interested

Carl, I'm about an hour SE of Buffalo. Can you mail? At almost $3 a gal and about a five hour round trip I think paying postage would be cheaper for me. PM me.

Do you still have the Eagle Mach 1 for sale and any rolls of paper left.  Does the transducer come with it and any spare needles.  I can't remember if the Mach 1 was a wide cone or narrow cone, please advise.


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