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John Whyte:
Great news GOSD mid lake anglers:
Port Cobourg Marina is now an official weighin station for the Derby the scale will be located at their gas dock,transient docking available.
Their public boat ramp is also OPEN

Weigh station OPEN  boat launch CLOSED

Port Hope:
Weigh station CLOSED boat launch CLOSED
Port Whitby:
Weigh station OPEN public boat ramp OPEN (foot of Gordon Street) Marina boat ramp OPEN 7:30 am.

Frenchman's Bay :
Weigh station OPEN marina boat launch OPEN up to 25 foot vessels

Bluffers Park:
Weighin station OPEN launch ramps CLOSED

Ash bridges Bay:
4 launch ramps OPEN.Docks have some water on them bring boots

Port Credit:
Weighin station OPEN (Bronte Outdoor) boat launch CLOSED

Lakefront Promenade:
launch ramps OPEN

BronteOuter Harbour:
Weighin station OPEN boat launch CLOSED,try Oakville

Fishermans Pier Hamilton:
Weighin station OPEN boat launch OPEN

Peter's Tackle St.Catherines:
Weighin station OPEN boat launch OPEN

Thank you.  Great list!  One change, Wellington has 2 ramps.  The one beside weigh in is open.  The beach st ramp is still closed

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Thanks John!

Can anyone comment on the Frenchmans Bay launch?

Cost? time open? any other gotcha's?

It looks like it is pretty cozy around the ramp having to launch at 90 degrees to the road, and also where do you park your rig and trailer?

Thanks John

This is great new for us around the Cobourg area , good luck to all the people fishing this years Derby :) :)

tony, not sure on hours or costs, as the marina was recently purchased by a chinese group, looking to develop condos, and they jacked the dockage pricing, no washrooms or gas and by far most expensive slips on the lake, that said, the launch you access to the left of the blue dumpster in the picture and its a short steep slope down, it is tight, anything over 20 ft tends to scrub on the hump, parking is across the road to the right side of the picture, i would guess hours are not going to be too early or late as any boats launching have to pass between all the liveaboards and slips, best to give them a call and verify


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