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I'm super excited for Fishing Friendzy to be spreading some fishing knowledge again at the CNE this year. 6th year in a row! We see around 100,000 people in 18 days and it's a great way to introduce families to fishing ethically. We are helping to build the fishing industry on a large scale.

I wanted to ask if any of you are able to help us pass down some ethical angling knowledge at the CNE (toronto). Most of the children have never fished before and mainly because fishing is something passed down generation to generation but without someone in their family that has any knowledge of angling it's very likely they will not learn.

Other than the joy it will bring you and purpose that your doing something amazing and positive for the future generation and our fisheries, here are some other benefits to volunteering at Fishing Friendzy.
- Volunteer event t-shirt
- Free entry into the CNE any days you can volunteer
- build your fishing profile to grow in the fishing industry by adding fishing Friendzy to your list.
- Developing skills. We have an amazing development program for volunteers who want to develop skills that can help you succeed (not just in the fishing industry, but in life) You can do seminars, workshops, one on one teaching, and much more.
- Networking. We have over 30 members who are part of team Fishing Friendzy lots who are already involved in the fishing industry and all of whom are great educators and ambassadors of ethical fishing.
- You could be selected to become part of our team. Holding yourself in a professional manner in and out of the spotlight and always lending a helping hand to other anglers who might not know as much as you do.
- I will have some fishing goodies to give away, everyone will get something.
- If you have a business or work at a company that fits with our vision we could talk about some opportunities to advertise for you. (We also have a merchandise shop during our event)
- High school volunteer hours (tell everyone you know who is in high school and who loves fishing to contact me).

If you can let me know what days hours your able to help out this year so I can get you into the schedule I would appreciate it.

Dates of the CNE are Friday August 18th - Monday September 4th every day is 10am-10pm.
Location: better living centre (exhibition grounds)

The basics of what you will be doing when volunteering.
1- helping out at our live fish pond. Making sure spirits are high with telling some fish stories, giving tips and asking the kids and parents about their fishing experiences. Making sure all the rules are followed and the flow of traffic remains smooth. And of course helping handle the fish with care and even pose for some photos with the children who are "lucky" enough to catch a fish.
2- teaching kids (big and small) how to cast. 2 volunteers will take 2 kids from the line and teach them how to cast giving each child 2 practice casts (most will learn from your instructions in this time) and 3 casts for the "rod a day giveaway" competition. You will keep track of their score on our score board and the highest score at the end of the day will win a new shimano fishing rod and reel.

Please contact me @ [email protected]

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