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Just want to share some information pertaining to the Hot Spot flashers new for this year.
The Black Mamba 11" has really produced for Net Profit as well as the new 11" Salty Dog.
Another worthy mention, which has be en around for a number of years, is White Lightning
Quality Flashers with plenty of action.
I just heard from Hot Spot that a new flasher named Herring Aid is coming this year and will be available in both U.V. and Glow blades, also available as an Apex. Hopefully, I will be able to show them to you at the Toronto Sportsman Show.

Hey Bob

Yes the hot spot flashers were my main presentation this year too aboard Screemin Reelz Sportfishing.  White Lightening, weasel and the Black Mamba were my go to colors in 11' blades .  White Lightening 8" pair with meat and or fly was always on a stick for most of the days and fired constantly.   I will have to get my hands on a salty dog to put thru the paces.

By far the best paddles for me.

Screemin Reelz Sportfishing

never seen the black mamba, anyone have a pic?


--- Quote from: moemoe on September 12, 2018, 10:00:33 pm ---never seen the black mamba, anyone have a pic?

--- End quote ---
  Black Mamba is a double glow tape on a black blade. Both the 8" & 11" worked really well for me this year!


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