Author Topic: Port Dalhousie Sept 07 AM  (Read 671 times)


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Port Dalhousie Sept 07 AM
« on: September 08, 2019, 07:02:01 am »
Kid fish [ 2 grandsons ] last day for summer derby . In tight first light no bite ! Nothing until 140 fow and 120 ftdn !Prime hen King Salmon on a purple /silver SpinDoctor with an AtTomic fly purple /silver /black with a slider from the past black/purple/white Evil Eye [ if that made any difference ] . This boy got to fight his first big salmon and had great time ! [ Our question was what was that fish there this time of year ? Until we saw it we thought it was a Lake Trout ! ]
Boys were getting hungry and a think the older one had a 2 PM date with a girl LOL !
Again retired to Johhny Pastrammies on Lake St for a nice lunch [ but no beer there ] Have to go to Bugsys down the street for beer lunch ; but the Cannabis store hogs the boat parking !
Fish was cleaned and will be consumed not wasted !

    No fish " sausage " but the " honkers " are in season and flying but not as many Monday PM we butcher our birds and Richard Bush on Lakeshore Rd makes the " fall sausage " professionally 85%bird 15% pork for fat and taste [ we do know what is in it LOL ]

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