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They still work ! Adding a stinger hook does no hurt ; CTC in Welland has a good selection and still made in Canada !

I keep forgetting to put them out but Chrome with green strips in the 4.5 and white glow with Uv in the 5.5 have produced for me this year. 
Running then above agitators on rigger and behind dipsyís has worked.
I like supporting Canadian companies, itís to bad hot spot lures arenít well stocked at our local shops but I always check out different crappy tire stores for selection when passing by. Sometimes they even have them on clearance.

Good to hear, I have always liked this lure, great action, I have my best luck on blue/silver and really like the idea of adding a stinger.  Question for you guys though, have you ever caught medium to small fish with the Apex?  I find it works better for me later in the season because it seems to only be bigger fish that want to hit it, do you find that too?

Apex have been my most productive lure for over forty years. I'll usually start off the season with 4.5's and then over to the 5.5's. If I'm after steelhead my go to is a 4.5 Watermelon. My go to for salmon in the last few years is running a 5.5 5ft above and 5 to 10 ft behind 2 Agitators running in tandem. I just retired as the head Prostaff in Ontario for Hot Spot as we had to get my son to England for some medical health but I will always remain loyal to Hot Spot as they've always been my best producer!
My top colors for the last few years have been Rocket, Chartreuse haze UV, Glow Jelly UV and chrome/green scale. If you need any advice on Hot Spot Net Profit has taken over my position.

Thanks for the info BlueKnight, I did a bunch of reading of your previous posts as well as NetProfitsís and am now on the hunt for your listed favourite colours and sizes you listed.  They are not easy to find in my area so I will likely order from the US and ship them to my box in Buffalo.  Thanks again, Jason.


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