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« on: February 05, 2020, 06:41:44 pm »

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Re: HRSTA CPR 2020!
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2020, 06:48:51 pm »
2020 Catch Photo Release Derby Rules
1. Open to all HRSTA members
2. All fish entered must be caught on a boat or from shore with at least one HRSTA member. It is not necessary for every person on the boat to be a member.
3. All photos entered must be submitted by a HRSTA member to the TourneyX website, tournament “HRSTA-CPR”
4. Not open to charter captains while operating a charter.
a. Exception, if a paying customer is a HRSTA member they may enter the fish.
5. Beginning May 1st all species qualify to be entered for monthly and AOY tournament.
6. All fish must be caught in Lake Ontario or its tributaries.
7. The derby will begin on May 1st and the monthly tournaments will close at midnight of the last day of the respective month
   MAY – LAKE TROUT   starts May 1st ends May 31st
   JUNE – COHO SALMON  starts May 1st ends June 30th
   JULY – STEELHEAD (RAINBOW TROUT) starts May 1st ends July 31st
   AUGUST – CHINOOK SALMON starts May 1st ends August 30th
a. All photos must be submitted by Midnight.
8. The winning fish will be the longest fish measured using the supplied Rapala Bump Board and a high
resolution camera. The club will supply a laminated “2020 derby card” that must also be in the photo.
9. The photo must be taken with a high-resolution camera, any foggy, distorted or otherwise
unclear images will not be accepted. Verify the Ľ” marks can be viewed on the image.
10. Fish must be placed flat on its side.
11. The photo must include the entire fish.
12. The Fish will be placed on top of the bump board with the mouth of the fish touching the front of the bump board. The measurement will be taken with an invisible line drawn from the tip of the tail points.
13. The fish may not be manipulated in anyway, do not bend/squeeze/extend the fish to make it
longer. You are permitted to hold the fish on the bump board.
15. The fish must be alive, the eyes of the fish must be visible and if appear to be cloudy/glazed or in
anyway signal a dead fish, the fish will be disqualified.
19. All lengths will be confirmed by the Judge(s)
20. In the event of a tie breaker the fish submitted first will be the winner.
21. After taking the photo, we strongly recommend you release the fish.
22. Only one prize awarded per member.
23. Members may participate after they have won, and if they win another month they will be
noted as winning both species but will only receive one prize. They will receive the highest
payout available.
23. All photos will become the property of HRSTA and may be used in future marketing/educational
24. Anglers may participate in the CPR during participation in other tournaments or events, however participation in CPR may negate their entries in those other events. The angler must be familiar with the rules in the other events ie GOSD
All prizes will be distributed at the Bronte Classic on Sept 12th 2020.
Fish Hawk Angler of the Year (AOY)
- Separate from the Monthly ‘species specific’ tournaments.
- Total length of all 4 species 
   - one lake trout
   - one rainbow trout
   - one coho
   - one chinook salmon
- Each fish may be caught and entered at ANY TIME during the derby. ie. Lake trout caught in August can be entered
- May enter as many times as you want.
- All other CPR rules not superseded by the above are to be followed
Sail Bonus Prizes
The first 25 Anglers to submit all 4 species will receive a $20 Sail Gift card
Be sure to “CULL” your smallest of each species on the tourneyX dashboard before entering a larger fish of the same species.


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Re: HRSTA CPR 2020!
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2020, 07:02:12 pm »
All members are welcome to register as anglers at there is no cost.
Once registered as an angler you can register for the tournament at

This year we will have a live leaderboard so everybody can see the most up to date leaderboard as fish are entered!

New members are always welcome, come out to our AGM in March (see other post in general section) or visit

This year the club is providing RAPALA bump boards at a discounted price of $10. Once you enter one of each of the species we will return the $10 to you.


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Re: HRSTA CPR 2020!
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2020, 02:04:10 pm »
Come join us at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, March 9th located at the Bronte Yacht Club on Lakeshore Road in Oakville.

Sign us as a HRSTA member and participate in the 2020 CPR Derby for free.

Single Lifetime Membership is $40 - Family Membership is $60

The 2020 HRSTA CPR Derby will be utilizing the TourneyX tournament management platform this season. Receive notifications of whose entering fish and follow the live leaderboard.

This will be fun!

Great prizes.


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Re: HRSTA CPR 2020!
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2020, 10:19:24 pm »
HRSTA members and CPR participants,

Due to the emergency orders issued, and the resulting closures of local marinas, parks and launch ramps we have decided to postpone the start date for the CPR derby. Don't worry we will be running as soon as possible!

A new start date and any format or rule changes will be announced when emergency measures have lifted and marinas, parks, and launch ramps resume operation.

For those members of the public that are unaware of what our CPR (Catch Photo Release) is here are the details,

HRSTA members will have the chance to compete for the Fish Hawk Electronics Angler of the Year crown or any of our 4 individual "Species" categories.
Register with us on "HRSTA CPR", you will be able to see what others are entering and view the live leaderboard.
We would like thank our sponsors for this year Humminbird, Cannon, Minn Kota, Fish Hawk Electronics, SAIL Burlington

To become a member or for any other further questions please feel free email 

[email protected]

Thank you and stay safe!,



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Re: HRSTA CPR 2020!
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2020, 11:29:33 am »
Good news HRSTA members,

With the opening of many launch ramps and marinas the CPR will officially begin today May 16th. To compensate for the loss of the first two weeks of May, the Lake Trout category will extend through the month of June.

Lake Trout - May 16th - June 30th (46 Days)

Coho Salmon - May 16th - June 30th (46 Days)

Rainbow Trout - May 16th - July 31st (77 Days)

Chinook Salmon - May 16th - August 31st (108 Days)

Please remember to bring your official 2020 derby card and Rapala ruler.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Register as an angler at

Register for the derby at

If your not a member yet and looking to join send an email to us and we will get you set up!

Good luck to everyone! Tight Lines!

Halton Region Salmon and Trout
Association (HRSTA)
[email protected]


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Re: HRSTA CPR 2020!
« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2020, 08:33:16 pm »
CPR Update!!

3 Days left to submit your lake trout and coho pictures!!!! View the current standing on

Lake trout end date June 30th
Coho end date June 30th
Rainbow trout end date July 31st
Salmon end date August 31st

Wining numbers so far
Lake trout- 38.25"
Coho- 23''
Rainbow trout- 31.5"
Salmon- 41"

If your not a member yet and looking to join there's still lots of time. Send us an email and we will set you up!

Thanks again to our great sponsors Fish Hawk Electronics Humminbird Minn Kota Cannon, Sail Burlington


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Re: HRSTA CPR 2020!
« Reply #7 on: September 30, 2020, 12:13:52 pm »
All of the final prizes have been handed out!

The prize winners of the HRSTA CPR DERBY for 2020 have been finalized.

Congratulations to all of our winners. This year's Derby was bigger than ever! With 42 Anglers entering a total of 316 fish in four different species categories. The format was changed from years past and we moved to an online platform, TourneyX. This proved to be a success and allowed for real time updates of the leaderboard.

For the following four species specific categories the prizes are 

1st Place - Courtesy of SAIL - Tekota 600 and Talora Rod Combo 

2nd Place - Courtesy of Johnson Outdoor Products - Two Cannon dual Axis Rod holders and a 24" Cannon Track

3rd Place - Courtesy of Fish Hawk - Fish Hawk TD 

* Please note, as specified in the rules, a participant can only win one prize in the "species" category.

For the Laker category

1st Place - A. Munden 38.25

2nd Place - K. Bradley 37.5

3rd Place - M. Beric - 37.0

For the Rainbow Trout/Steelhead category

1st Place - M. Armstrong 32.5

2nd Place - D. Brown 31.5

3rd Place - J. McBurney 31.25

For the Coho Category

1st Place - M. Parent - 33.0

2nd Place - J Noble - 23.5

3rd Place - H. Pereira 23.0

For the Chinook/King category

1st Place - A. LeVan - 42.0

2nd Place - R. Frank - 41.25

3rd Place - D. Hill - 40.5*

* The tie-breaker is the first fish entered by date.

The 2020 Angler of The Year is brought to you by Fish Hawk

Congratulations to Matt Parent! A total length of the four species totalling 137.0 inches has won you a Fishhawk X4 and bragging rights until next September!

The Runner Up AOY for 2020 is brought to you by Johnson Outdoor Products.

Congratulations to Austin LeVan! A total length of four species totalling 135.75 inches has won you a Humminbird Ice Helix 5 Chirp G2 All Season Package! 

We can't forget about the future of HRSTA, our Juniors!! We had 5 juniors participate this year and look forward to more participating in 2021.

We would also like to award Sam Pereira with $40 in SAIL gift cards and Dorian Rocha with a $20 SAIL gift card as your 1st and 2nd place AOY JR Winners!

Congratulations to all of our prize winners, we hope all those who participated enjoyed the competition and we look forward to coming back bigger and better next season!
Big thank you again to our sponsors, Sail Burlington, Johnson Outdoors, Fish Hawk

Stay Safe and Tightlines,

Halton Region Salmon and Trout
Association (HRSTA)
[email protected]