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What LB leader?

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Hey guys,

Curious to know if anyone runs florocarbon leaders from their braid main line? And if so what LB?

Thanks guys. Would appreciate some tips.

Personally, I don’t run braid anymore unless it’s backing on a long line. In the summer months, the fleas get too bad. On my rigger rods, I run 30lb big game and I keep a 15’-20’ 25lb floro leader. I just try to keep the leader a bit lighter than the main line “just incase”.

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30lb mono 8 ft 25lb floro leader.  Lead core, braid backer and 20 ft of 25lb floro lead.

Usually if I'm running braid rods its in the spring for diving stick baits.  I use 20# flouro and rarely break it off.

I run 25lb on artificial and 40lb on all meat


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