Author Topic: Yak Attack, Port Burwell Sat June 20 evening  (Read 289 times)

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Yak Attack, Port Burwell Sat June 20 evening
« on: June 21, 2020, 01:00:21 pm »
Got out of Burwell, on water by 5:00pm. Headed straight out away for harbour towards the huge flotilla of boats. Set up at about 32dpw; harnesses off 2oz weights. Continued to cruise towards boats. Marked tons of bait and fish in the 37 to 38....then 40....then from 41 to 55' more marks. Now i am with a group of boats at 55-57dpw, seemed to be a lot of searching still with boats going all directions.

Turned and headed straight back in towards 38dpw and west of harbour (and the marks) and sure enough, as soon as I hit 38, start seeing marks again. Ran parallel in the 38 range....and soon hit a good 4-5 pound walleye. NICE! No other fish for the evening but was a great evening to be out. Back off water just before dark.

Now...a bit of a rant. I get that its the weekend....but I've fished weekends here before. I get that Covid has us all a bit wild-eyed to get out and with the loosening of 'controls', we're chomping at the bit to let loose. For that, it was a zoo of boats leaving and coming back to Burwell...>GREAT! Not great is that apparently, people forgot the 'No Wake' zone entering the channel. Literally, boats were gunning full power INTO the harbour and channel and cutting power MAYBE if they saw another boat. MOST egregious for what I observed, were the BIG boats....not the smaller boats. SO, huge wake and waves are caused. As it takes me a bit of time to get out to open water (and out of the way), I got to see a lot of racing to be 'first' into the channel (and again, the BIG boats the most common 'offender'). Out on the open water, no your asses the channel, not a good place to flex your motor-muscle. One bad example while coming in....I am well in the channel and a big cruiser comes flying in behind me. I am off to the side (fish tug side) out of the way but this dick is flying in....likely he sees me...cuts engine but too late...and what does this do?? Sends 5' rollers diagonally up the channel. Fortunately, I have experience in big water so 'rolled' with this but it was hairy. And as the dick goes by....he accelerates (again, He's IN the channel already)....causing big bounce back waves to ricochet off the walls to add to the rollers.....and the old dudes in the boat...looking back at me...are laughing. You are safe in your boat....but be careful.

King Joe Outa Here!

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Re: Yak Attack, Port Burwell Sat June 20 evening
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2020, 01:33:52 pm »
When we used to launch out of port credit we would see the police ticketing the boats for coming in too fast. Was a full time job for 3 guys and you know if they aren't obeying the speed limit they probably got other tickets as well. Must say some of the people in bigger boats seem to think they are working with different rules.


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Re: Yak Attack, Port Burwell Sat June 20 evening
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2020, 03:27:12 pm »
Not to Hijack a post, I don't know we don't loose more of those on paddle boards, Kayaks and in Canoes, it's bad enough in a 12ft tinny at times
No Wake Zones ya mean we have NO WAKE ZONES!!
You should see my local ramp, not only the big cruisers they go 300yds offshore  pushing huge bow waves, don't anybody know how to trim a motor?
It's the bass boats, Lund brigade and princecraft 18-20+ ft 200hp+ on the back that insist on giving it full power 10ft of the end of the town dock.
Best of all are those that take wife for a cruse 100ft offshore, at 1/2 power to google at the waterfront properties.
"OH look at all the bright orange sandbags"
All said in with heavy sarcasm
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Re: Yak Attack, Port Burwell Sat June 20 evening
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2020, 10:52:45 am »
It's like this everywhere. That's why if you can't get your limit by 12 than stay off the water. Weekend is too busy especially on lake st clair. Weekend guy getting harder and harder to fend for himself with all the Yahoo!'s these days.