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Scarr fundraiser results


Wow is all I can say. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported a great cause. We had a 21 boat field with another 3 boats donating their entry because they couldn’t attend. We had well over $2,000 in raffle prizes that were donated for the event. All in all, we raised $3,265 for Andrew to help with his cancer treatments. Thank you thank yo thank you to everyone who came out to support our event. If it wasn’t for everyone who donated prizes, money, and their time, we wouldn’t have had the successful event that we did.

On to the winnings! 2nd and 3rd split a $600 pot because we had a tie at 37.5 inches. Teams Blocked and Dreamcrushers each got $300.
First place was taken by Matt D from Trippled Up Sportfishing. His young son caught a monster 40 in Chinook which he also entered into the SCHFA summer derby in the JR division. They received a great plaque made by Rise Apparel and $600 cash. Congrats to all of the raffle winners as well. I know 1 team alone spent over $500 on raffle tickets and it paid off for them. They sure cleaned up lol. Thank you to everyone who donated and participated. It was a great day for all!

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Congratulations on a successful derby, couldn’t ask for a nicer day, thanks for sharing the results. 


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