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Fishhawk x4d reading problems

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Hello my felow fishermans
I have a big problem with my fishawk x4d reading problems
Even i have spoken with Steve few times we still can not figur out what is the problem so i decided to post few pictures for you my frends see and tell me how you can help to fix this problem even as ler Steve from fish hawk my probe and my head unit is fine can you please give me ipinions on this pictures atached

Here is another picture

Here is another pickture

Iím sure you have but check the ground cable ?
Transducer interference ?
Transducer not mounted level ?
It Seems to read temp the hole time but Not the probe so bad probe ?

Probe and head been checked by fish hawk by Steve no problems only this a problem as you seeing in the picktures also my ground cabke is fine changed battaries stil same probkem im going nuts at home can not figure out what is cosing this issue first time when is starts it was last year but then it went away him self so i did no payed attension but right now bug issue i need help if someone has x4d or x4 i would like to tested so lets say if you have fish hawk we can test it and see if its tranducers issiue becouse as per Steve at fish hawk he told me that trundducers problems are realy rare so im going nuts here at home


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