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Walker downrigger accessories?

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I lost a rigger today  :(  but thankfully have a spare but need a new swivel base and angled riser mount ? I know there was someone selling the walker gear but donít have number anymore ? Can anyone help?

May I ask how you lost the rigger?  I always fear when dragging bottom (as I often do to wake up the fish!) that I may lose a rigger sooner or later.

For those who absolutely think they need to drag bottom, try this.  Attach about 3-4 feet of 1/4" chain under the cannonball and tie it to the downrigger cable with 20lb test fishing line.  If it does hang up,  the chain will be lost but you will still have your ball.   

Good post fisherman dangerous game dragging a cannon ball on bottom. If it hangs up shit can go south fast. Always have a set of pliers by the rigger.

Good one fisherman. I may try that.  I have never intentionally dragged bottom to be honest, but this year I did it inadvertently a half dozen times or more, and out of those times I did get 2 hookups on salmon... so naturally I because less opposed to getting close to bottom depths.  I don't clip my release on the ball allowing; 4-5 feet up the wire from the ball.

So there may be something to disturbing the bottom?


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