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Anyone try blueberry muffin in Lake O?


Morning all, things being so slow Im just thinking outside the box. Blueberry muffin is a go to colour on Lake Erie for many of us, has anyone had any success on Lake O? Just curious, I saw a mag spoon the other day and wondered. I also prefer my spoons to be copper backed for Erie but I wonder about salmon? I have a mag mixed veggies in copper I bought many yrs ago to try for salmon and have never hooked up on Lake O.  J

We caught fish with blueberry muffin in silver back and 42 nd street in copper back.  Read some reports people catching fish with greasy chicken in copper back. 

Not a touch for us all season ! Last year the blueberry muffin by Warrior worked well this year zip !

Thanks guys, yes Ive also caught on the 4 greasy chicken copper back as well but not a go to spoon, Ill add the blueberry muffin to the collection.  Jason.

Always had good success with RAC blueberry muffin for staging fish.


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