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How often do you change up when seeing marks but no bites?


This is my first poll so I hope Ive done it correctly.   So Im bad at sitting still to say the least but when Im seeing marks and not getting bites I start working through the boxes methodically.  I usually start with my go to favourites thinking about sun, clouds etc., and then proceed to previous years hot spreads and when desperate enough to the stragglers that have never caught.  Just curious how often you all change up.  My own boredom has me changing every 15min or so and sometimes it has worked immediately and other times it has not.  Thanks for your thoughts.  Jason

20-30 mins for me. Start with my go to's, no takers, my second pics and if after 2 hrs no bites start throwing randoms on my outter rods to try and see if they are into a particular colour or pattern. No longer than 30 mins though.

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Yup, Im in the 20-30 group as well. 
A lot of times when we change up lures or leads, couple minutes after the lure settles in to its action, a bite happens. 
See that quite a bit.   
Some days not.   

I can't stand still for very long too so I check my lines every 15 minutest or so... Bring them up from the riggers just to make sure they are free from debris and running right.... Of course 95% of the time, they are running clean and true but it keeps me busy and that other 5% of the time I might have a shaker on or some debris on the line causing my lure to not run true...

I tend to want to change lures often but realistically maybe once an hour I will actually change the lures if we had no hits...

On lake Erie i run anywhere from 4-8 rods. 6 normally. If there's no action i'm constantly checking/changing a rod. Walleye drag a lot without tripping the realeases wether it be dipsy, rigger or leadcore on big boards. By the time i check and set all 6 its almost half hour. and then you start again! on lake O i would do every half hour or so


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