Author Topic: What Finder Chartplotter is best/easiest to use/accurate updated mapping?  (Read 179 times)


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This is my situation. I have always had Lowrances, started with [email protected] 7 Gen 2's, stepped in to [email protected] Gen 3's with my Xi5, then added a 12" Carbon. I was a user of the Nav+ and Insight Genesis which was a major PINA. My charts were constantly unusable due to how long I recorded or had errors in them so I stopped my subscription that was 2 years ago. And lake Nipissing, well let me tell ya, according to my $500 worth of charts and yearly subscription would show me running over ground half the time.

Was on a buddies boat he had a Helix 7 that was generating maps as we fished.

Now I have spent hundreds of hours creating my own ridgelines using waypoints because of how poorly my Great Lakes Chip card and my Hot Maps Card were generated, the insight program that came on my finder free was more accurate. I mean a child could have drawn better lines for these maps in my area. Take the shape of the bay and add contour lines that follow the shoreline, absolute garbage. Maps says Im in 30FOW I'm actually in 140FOW, not close, not even in the ball park, not even playing the same sport.

All In I am 10G with transducers and chips and units and $2500 in networking and trolling motor. If I need to make the jump somewhere where do I go. I want to pay the money and have an accurate set up that is very user freindly. What do you recommend.
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