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Well, I gave it my best shot, but think it's probably time to shutter the yak for this season.
Went out Saturday off Hamilton Beach strip just down from the Lift Bridge - finally a decent wind day. Not a single boat out there - just me and ghost dog. Also no fish. Went out to 42fow and pulled lead core on one side and dipsy on the other. Only one fish marked in 2.5 hours.
Had a great spring (despite Covid late start) this year, launching from Hamilton and Grimbsy, either solo or with KingJoe. Had fun with early season bows and coho and then KingJoe and I each landed beefy lakers off Grimsby. (pix attached)
Most of my fish this year came on lead core or dipsy, or in very early spring longlining tight to shore with spinning gear.
I added a small downrigger to my kit this year. Also switched out 24lb Watersnake electric for a Torqeedo which now gives me a much smaller battery and GPS system, instead of 65-lb lead core marine battery. The new setup always me to peddle when I want or switch to electric power.
Rainbows are running the Grand River now, so time to do some wading.
Will be thinking and waiting for next spring and need to fulfill my promise to KingJoe to get to Lake Erie for walleye (he calls them pickerel! ha inside joke). I spent a number of evenings on Lake Erie near the Grand fishing smallmouth, but could never venture far enough into deeper water for walleye because of the wind.
Thanks everyone for their reports this year. Unless there are a few magical days waiting, see you in the spring.

Bob Webster:
Sounds like a fun year!
You need to feed the dog more....

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