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Niagara boat ramps ... fee


gonna cost us now folks...

What should happen first is,  the ramps and parking should  be upgraded to a  safe double launch and have paved parking like our niegbours a few hundred yards across the river. Then I could justify paying what ever they want at  that horrible Queenstown launch  . 
Show us first pay later ! thats what I'm thinking.

Heck put a restaurant there for us all too:)

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Captain Steve:
I would have no problem paying if that ramp was upgraded and fence put up so the ramp users didn't have to dodge the shore fishermen

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I would pay no problem as long as it is upgraded and they do something about the steel guardrail that kills your boat.

Make it like Lewiston - no issue paying $$$ - will never happen as they do not have the space unless they shut down for a while and redo everything - also need more parking


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