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Newbie to Lake O and the salmon hunt

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Where will you be launching from?

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--- Quote from: cams on January 15, 2021, 11:56:12 am ---Where will you be launching from?

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I will be regularly launching from Collins bay (kingston), wellington and wicklow.  It's a 2 hour ride from my place to Kingston.  So anything past Wicklow..is almost more of a trip.

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Welcome to the addiction.   You may want to look at joining Central Lake Ontario Sport Anglers (CLOSA) they have more than a couple of seasoned Salmon Veterans that can show you the way.

There are a few FB groups and other clubs you can join.

PM me I might  ;) ;) be able to give you a couple of tips around using Trolling Flies.

Read books by Captain Dan Keating " Keating on Kings " plus other editions . Will give you a lot of basic information ; he fishes Lake Michigan some of which may not apply to eastern Lake Ontario !
Also look at " Lake Ontario United  " site ; a bigger crowd .

Welcome i fish out of cobourg be more then willing to share info if your this way been fishing this area a couple years now
Tight lines

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