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Simrad Go-9 or Lowrance Elite Ti 9"

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Is anyone using the Simrad Go-9 and what pros and cons can you share. Also anyone using the Lowrance Elite Ti 9"?
I remove the unit from my boat after each day so for that reason I'm considering the Lowrance as it's looks a bit more durable.
Your opinions please.

i used lowrance units exclusively..until i visited my pal in australia 4 years ago....was so impressed with his simrad go9 unit.....i went the same i use the cruise 9,and the go7xsr on one boat  for lake o,and a go7 xse on the other boat for lake erie and the upper niagara....such a shame they never bought these  units to Canada..

I did purchase the Go9 with the 3 in 1 transducer and have been getting familiar with it for a month on my work bench.
I know that I am going to be happy with it.

Captain Steve:
I have been using the Go9 for several years with the Airmar TM150. I think once you get the hang of it its easy to use.   I have the simrad autopilot as well which is just plug and play with these units. So is radar

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Captain Steve, you have the Simrad Autopilot. Does it control your main motor or your kicker? I would invest in it if I could use it to control my 9.9 Merc Pro Kicker only. I have and I/O and don't want to run it to steer a kicker. Your thoughts.


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