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Transducer mounting Board

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Rather than poke new holes in the boat to mount my new TM165 transducer, I think I will install a mounting board. Seems to be lots available. Any recommendations?

Good idea! They are almost all made in some kind of plastic; not only the board save holes in the transom but also the fact that it put put the transducer a little farther even by 1 in. And I know guys that stick 2 plates so the transducer is even farther. That help the reading going at high speed

I used starboard, I think it was called? My Marina sold it by the foot.

Starboard this is the word that I was searching for (old brain)

I used a piece of puck board 1/2" thickness. 2 screws into old holes in hull and a generous dab of 3-M 5200 adhesive.


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