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New to the board and new to chrome


Hey guys, Iím new to the board and to salmon/trout fishing. My Brother and I tried our luck out on Huron and Lake O in the last few years with only minimal luck. Iím hoping to glean enough info from threads and questions to net us some success this summer. My primary focus this year will be on gearing up better and dialling in to productive areas on Lake O west of TO.

I should add that at this time, Iím using a 16í Starcraft Supersport which is a continual, slow work in progress. Itís a multi purpose boat so all my setups will be modular like downriggers/rod holders on a removable crossbar etc. I try to get out often on small local lakes near me for bass, walleye, pike and Muskie.
Someday Iíd like to have a bigger boat to make it a big and little family. Perhaps a 22í Islander with an OB bracket. 

Welcome aboard, I should have read this before your other post. You will find this group very helpful and a ton of past posts with almost anything you need. I would many of our members started off with smaller boats and built up from there and then maybe scaled back down like I did as life progresses, itís all part of the fun.  Itís also a good way to learn what you really want in your boat where you want it. J

Pick your days with a 16 ft. Starcraft ! I fish the south shore since 1985 with a 16 ft. Starcraft apart from the spring fishery you should have no problem on the north shore !

Thanks guys. I love the boat for small/medium lakes and rivers. Itís the largest boat I can fit in the garage, so itís likely to remain my go to. And yes, I only go out on good days. Iíve been out when thereís been rolling swells that make it tough to stand up. On those days Iíll stay home or go to my local inland lakes. 


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