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Wanting to purchase a Fish Hawk XD4 locally


Howdy yíall.  This warm weather has me thinking about the open water big time.  I have always had a speed/temp probe but in my newest boat I did not replace it as I was not sure how much fishing I would get done.  Either way I need to add that tool back in and am wondering where to buy the Fish Hawk XD4.  I hear the company will no longer allow returns of any kind to the retail shop it was purchased, not sure if this is new or if it matters, you now deal directly with Fish Hawk.  For my own reasons I donít want to buy from Radio Wold yet they normally have the best prices.  SAIL will not be doing their spring sale this year and are not 100% sure what they will be stocking. Iím in Carlisle so if I can find one locally(ish) at one of our great stores that would be great, any suggestions on the best place to buy with great customer service?  Any word on any sales going on this spring?  I only want to buy new with warranty.  My choices I guess depending on stock are Grimsby Tackle, Short Wave, Natural Sports, Kingsway, Fishingworld or make a drive out to see Jocelyn. I was hoping for a sale but in these markets I donít see that happening.  Thanks for any thoughts. Jason.

Bills Bait on Upper James. Great guys just bought mine there. $50 cheaper that  Radio World.

X2 on Bills bait

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A little further east, but JBs Fishing Depot ( 401 and Martingrove) has a supply and very good prices.  Brian and Steve are great guys to deal with and they do installs if that is needed.

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Thanks guys, got one from Grimsby Tackle. 


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