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2021 kayak season start - Grimsby


It's here.
Spring has arrived - March 21 first enjoyable trip of the season - last time out was a chilly Jan. 14 - just to avoid going stir crazy
Went off Grimsby at 40-mile creek yesterday for a few hours. One laker caught in 40 FOW. No bows or browns sighted. Several boats fishing from 20 FOW to 50 FOW - didn't see any other hooks up.
Surface water temp is 36-37F
Talked with shore anglers who say fish are being caught in Port Dalhousie area but not catching anything from shore Grimsby to Stoney Creek yet.
I see post on the board with reports of fish in Jordan area. Maybe water needs to warm a touch before fish head further along the shore.
Caught laker on watermelon colored NK spoon, using lead core line, down three colours. Successfully released. Other rod was trolling various diving body baits without success.

Nice. I drove along the lake on Saturday wishing I had my boat out too saw at least 20 boats out.

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Nice I can't wait to get out. Hopefully this weekend


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