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Grimsby - April 4 update


Launched yak at bottom of Elizabeth Street for mid morning outing during glorious Easter Monday spring day.
Many boats fishing from 15 fow to 50 fow. Wind was down and water like glass (except for the wake of the bass boat with 200 hp in front of me). At times, I could see bottom of lake in 30fow
Water was 38 F in 30-40 FOW range. In 90 mins I caught, landed and live released two lakers in the 18-20 lb range. Both fish taken on celery coloured NK Magnum spoon. Flouro leader on lead core line. I was in 34 and 35 fow water, trolling 2.2 mph and had four colours out - I calculate 7 and 8 foot deep for every colour that is out.
Water was 39-40 F closer to shore, and I spent about an hour trolling spoons and body baits hoping for a brown or coho, but so far no sightings. Didn't see any shoreline anglers landing anything.
There should be browns out there any day now. Those lakers are beautiful and carry magnificent markings. Two pix attached. 


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