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2021 Great Lakes Salmon Showdown


Timothy Thomas:
After running a full year testing out the Fish Donkey online tournament platform with the NYS Classic events with great success and receiving 100% positive remarks from the anglers who participated, the 2021 Great Lakes Salmon Showdown will be opening up all of the Great Lakes to compete in one monumental event that runs from May 1st through Sept. 31st. Registration is by boat ($250/boat for the Pro Division, $125/boat for the Am Division) - once registered, any salmon caught on the boat (regardless of who caught it) is eligible for entry via the Fish Donkey App. This includes charter clients for a registered charter boat (Pro Division only). Fish are entered at the time of the catch and place via length. Pictures and/or videos verify the catch and measurement with the date/time/GPS Coords all encoded into the pics/video. The leaderboards are updated in real time and all participants are notified when a new leader is entered. Full rules and regs and other tourney information can be found within the events at

There are many benefits to this style of tournament:
1) All fish can be released after entry (angler's choice).
2) Anglers can fish solo.
3) No extra travel necessary to bring fish to a weigh-in station.
4) No set hours - anglers can fish 24/7 and take advantage of the evening bite.
5) Event is open to both US and Canadian anglers for larger prize pools.
6) The event is 100% transparent - the number of anglers, the resulting payouts, percentages paid, sponsored prizes, etc. are all laid out for all to see.
7) The protocols along with the checks in the App offer very little opportunity for foul play.
8 ) All anglers are treated equal with no favoritism. Denied fish are publicly seen in the app (as all fish are) along with the reason why, disputes are sent to the tourney committee (5 members) for review and a final decision made.
9) The fish entry process is very quick and easy (less than a minute), especially with two people for larger fish.
10) Leaderboards update automatically in real time.

We will be working to secure sponsors for the event over the next couple months as new contracts are finalized and Covid restrictions are modified. Current sponsors include: Plano, Frabill, Okuma, Koyote Ugly Spoons, FishUSA, Reel Cool Lures, and Omnia Fishing.

Tourney Details:
When: May 1st - September 31st
Registration: Pro Division - $250/boat
                   Am Division - $125/boat
Location: Any open waters on the Great Lakes, both US and Canadian.
Fish Entry: Length via Fish Donkey App
Fish Placement: Stringer Total of Best-5 Salmon (boats can upsize all season long)
Cash Awards: 80-85% Payback + Sponsor Prizes (checks mailed at end of event, prizes shipped)(number of places & amounts paid determined by number of boats entered, in US funds)

Boats can be registered at any time, even after the event starts, but cannot start entering fish until the day after registration. If you have any questions, please drop me a PM. Best of luck to all the teams this year and tight lines!!

Timothy Thomas:
Kicks off this weekend!! Would love to see a bunch of Canadian teams get in this year - what's your status for fishing over there, you guys able to get out and run charters this season??


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