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Yak Attack, Sunday Apr 18


King Joe:
Met yak buddy for a Grimsby run Sunday morning.  Started later (900 am) than 'usual' (bite has been more mid morning).  Same format for me; 20 and 30 jets with cactus and watermelon (can't give up on watermelon) apex.  JP, I saw he was sneaking a watermelon apex and fly on his lines.  Plan to run shallower than our normal; run to 20, set up...then run 30-33 but only do the condo run, not the south run.  Wind was slight but predicted to calm completely then flip offshore with strong winds about 1:00.

Set up my 20 cactus....and continued out.  Not 4 minute (and about 23 dpw)...Fish on!  Short fight later...and nice ~8# laker comes to net; my NEW net is broken in!  Bodes well for the day.

Near constant marks on screen...all depths.  Set up second rod at 30dpw...and continue to about 32.  Turn and make condo run.  Long run...marking fish pretty much only hugging bottom.  Finally in from of condos, hook up and have a good fight before losing it; cactus on 20.  Decide to bench watermelon again...and double down on cactus at 20 and 30....then long run, really double down with both at 20. 

Past condos still running north, fish on' 20 cactus....short fight later....another nice 8 ish laker comes to net.

Wind hints at the pattern predicted so JP and I turn back south running the 30-33 dpw line.  Almost constant marking from 5-25; near full screen marks.  Lake glasses off completely, as predicted....then like a light switch, the wind comes off shore.  Wow, fast change!...and we are a long ways from 'home'.  Head down, we run into wind towards shore....and angling towards home.

With small windows, we pull lines...and make it in.

Me, I went 2 for 3 and JP...well, he has clean lures. 

A good handful of boats out.  At the lauch, no sign of concern over lock down.  As full of people as 'always'.

King Joe Outa Here!

Great report. Where are you launching. Are those the condos off of Casablanca

King Joe:
Launch at 40 Mile Creek.  Yes, I believe so (re: condos off Casablanca). 

King Joe Outa Here!


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