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Anyone got intel on Chinook Divers? I ordered some recently before doing research. Online reviews looked decent, just wondering if anyone has any tips/general knowledge on running them.

Yankee troller state side uses them a lot. Maybe he has something on his site or YouTube.

King Joe:
Always looking for low drag, but depth capable divers/jets (for the yak).  SO, had a look at these.  Are then not 'just' a version of dipsey with the addition of a weight?  if so, is it the weight that 'improves' this over a dipsey?  Granted, I am not a dipsey fan (too much drag) so don't have a lot of experience with them...but Chinook smallest...only goes to, I think, 30 feet, size 2 - 45, size 3...etc., etc....and at the 2' of line for 1 foot of depth approximate.   I think dipseys are more line out for those same depths which to me suggests MORE drag to get depth.

Again, the jet range I use gets me to 40 easy...with 100' of line out.  Drag is manageable at those depths/lengths.  More than 50....I am always looking to improve on (currently, torpedos fill that role).

More the point, aren't these just dipseys?

King Joe Outa Here!

Light weight, almost no resistance when tripped. A ton of guys on the South shore have sidelined their Dipsys for the Chinooks.

 I keep the big #5's set for a 2:1 ratio.... 200ft. of line out gets you 100 ft. down.


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