Author Topic: SOLD: 3x rod trees by Bert's Tackle  (Read 318 times)


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SOLD: 3x rod trees by Bert's Tackle
« on: May 02, 2021, 02:14:28 pm »
Serious buyers only - I have 2 brand new 3x rod trees by Bert Tackle, purchased for a few days ago at Bills Bait and Tackle in Hamilton.

Sadly I cannot fit them into my the track on my boat though I really like them. The issue is that their base is a little longer than the traditional Cannon rod holder and I simply don't have enough clearance to insert them into the Cannon track, either from the windshield side or from the rigger side. I could have removed the track and install the tree in it but the trees are too high and the boat cannot be stored in the garage. I will have to go with either a shorter trees or figure out something else.

I can return them but for in-store credit, and therefore I would prefer to try to sell them first. $350 each and $700 for both. Essentially this is an HST-free price for the buyer. If I won't sell them, I will either return or perhaps keep them for my next boat.

Location: Kitchener/Waterloo or at the marinas upon agreement.

Happy season!

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