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Electric ipilot vs 4 stroke kicker

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Good evening all... hope everyone is staying safe.

Last year I purchased a new 18ft Legend with down riggers. Bought a 5hp 4 stroke kicker this year, finding it to loud when getting up to 3.5 mph. Yes, I should of went with the 9.9...
I think I'm just spoiled with the troll control on my 115 PROXSCT, super quiet!!! But don't want to rack up the hours. Find my self doing a lot more salmon fishing since the bug bit me last year.
The 5hp will do fine for that slow troll (1-2mph) for walleye, but from my little experience  fishing salmon, I've had a lot of success around the 2.5-3.5mph range and that's where it gets loud!
Before I decide to sell it... I thought about an upgrade to electric trolling motor, 36volt minn kota ulterra.
Is anyone currently using all electric for salmon and what sort of hours should I expect at desired troll speed.   

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kenny Q

Deep Meat:
Get the bow mount now and use the troll control on the pro xs this year
Upgrade  the kicker next season
IPilot steering is insanely convenient but I wouldn’t use it as a stand alone system

Thanks DM... As far as steering and holding a heading 24volt, 80lb thrust, should be sufficient? 

I agree...get the bow mount for steering and upgrade your kicker to an 8 or 9.9 when you can.  The bow mount ipilot is the best purchase on my boat - hands free steering.

Deep Meat:

--- Quote from: kennyQ on May 11, 2021, 12:43:55 am ---Thanks DM... As far as steering and holding a heading 24volt, 80lb thrust, should be sufficient?

--- End quote ---

if you can afford 36 go for 36.
and i highly recoment getting a rudder extension made by Reel Crazy Fab. it will help with steering and allow you to run your bow mount longer under less power.


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