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New to big lake fishing


I just got started with an 18' Legend, a couple of downriggers, some trolling rods and lots of time...Launching out of Jordan .  Any advice welcome

Row dog:
lol out for the Midges

Hey Rex welcome to the addiction, PM me and I can take 10-15 minutes over the phone to walk you through a decent starting spread, speeds, baits and locations thru the season. Also check out Grimbsy Tackle they have a YouTube page with tons of seminars that will point you in the right direction.

Re: Mercury25ís offer - jump in that Rex, thatís a good offer.  Also if you look through the past month or so of postsís, there have been quite a few new angler posts with some good advice given.  Welcome and best of luck, youíre on the right board for help. 

I as well have a fishing 101 based on my learnings over the years and tips from Sr. Anglers post back in my history I put together for a new angler, Iíll try to find it and throw it in here if I can figure out how to

Read " Captain Dan Keating : Keating on Kings " for a start ! His latest edition was a Grimsby Tackle if they have any left !


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