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On water today at 6am. Ran out to 200' off Port Weller and dropped lines as that is where we caught last time out.  Bit of a chop made speed management tough.  Long story short, ended up 0-4.  Had all fish on but pulled hook every time.  Needless to say sharpened hooks at home this afternoon.   Trolled from 200 to 300 and back in to 70.  All hits came in 200+ feet.  Talked to guy at dock that got 3 in boat trolling in 75'. Marked very little on graph. 3 of 4 hits on flasher and fly.  One off rigger on carbon 14.  All hits above 35'.  Tomorrow is another day, although not sure where to start the.
Good luck!

Thanks for the report. Itís been slow for most Iím hearing

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Thank you for the report.

Thanks for the report

Slow day out there today we managed 1 laker. We found good temps etc but no takers and we marked some huge bait balls around the canal. Some of them covered the screen from 60 fow to 30 fow and at times they were so thick the depth changed from 60 to like 52 fow etc. Least it was a nice day on the water.


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