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Deep cycle charge time


Iím just wondering how long it takes most deep cycles to charge on a two bank charger.
I put two ctc brand group 27 on my noco genius two 14 hours ago and still not fully charged.
I ran them down till the motor guide battery indicator was in the yellow.

Not sure if newer batteries might charge quicker.
Thanks guys

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If I've got the right unit, the charger only puts out two amps.  If i've got the right battery they are 90 Amp Hours.  Suppose they are run down to 50% capacity, which is as low as you should ever go with a deep cycle battery. You have used 90 amp hours.  The recharge current is about 120% of what was used.  So, 90*1.2/2 = at least 54 hours.  Most chargers reduce the current as the battery charges, so it could take even longer.  To charge in a reasonable time, you need a bigger charger.  One that put out 5 amps per bank, a total of 10 amps, would cut your charge time down to around 12 hours.

Catnip is right your charger is for maintaining your battery and yes it will charge it from dead to full charge it does take time. Call the company and they will tell you the charger they recommend to charge in a reasonable amount of time. 

Thanks guys.
My wife is happy that Iíve gotta spend some more money on equipment!

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