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Maitland Report June 10


I fished off the end of the east pier for a few hours Nada except 1 Sucker I caught. I was the only boat there.

I moved about a dozen times marking stuff but nada bite.:cry:

I heard a few stories from different people that they have been catching there even the bait store said they where getting them there.

I guess I should have been there yesterday :D

So I decided to go looking for Walleye around Rock Pt. and Mohawk Island, I trolled the rest of the day around the Island, got out to the bell off Mohawk and back to the west side of Rock Pt. and all I could catch was about a dozen Sheephead. I trolled with my sand by White worm harness and 1 OZ snap-weight 20 to 30 FOW.

Decided to give it one last go off the east pier for Perch, I couldn't believe the amount of people on the west pier:eek::eek:.

Their was a few people in boats around the mouth of the river and pier fishing, then all of a sudden this idiot with a seadoo roaring up and down through the boats and mouth of the river. >:( I was waiting for something to happen, where is the OPP when you need them, I had enough of that crap and packed it in, got off the water at 6:30 pm.

Hope know one got hurt, as leaving I saw a couple guys in Kayaks paddle trolling near the west side Launch pier. 

If your catching sheepshead speed up your troll for the walleyes.


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